28th – 30th April 2019: Islamic-Byszantine Border: From the Rise of Islam to the Fall of Constantinople”

Rob Gleave gave a paper at the conference:  “Islamic-Byszantine Border: From the Rise of Islam to the Fall of Constantinople”, at the University of Notre Dame.  His paper was titled, “Empire and Emperor: Malik al-Rūm and Mulk al-Rūm in Shīʿī ḥadīth literature.”

9th April 2019: 15th Martyrdom Spring International Cultural Festival

Rob Gleave, at the invite of the Shrine of Abu al-Fadl Al-‘Abbas, Karbala, participated in the Spring Martyrs Festival in the Abbas Shrine and also in the Shrine of Imam Husayn.  Amongst the many appointments during his stay, he also visited the Imam Khoei Foundation headquarters in Najaf, and discussed possible future collaborations.

22nd – 23rd February 2019: Prophetic Traditions Materialized: Dimensions of Ḥadīth Manuscripts

The LAWALISI project presented 2 papers at the workshop held at the “Prophetic Traditions Materialized: Dimensions of Ḥadīth Manuscripts” Workshop held at the Center for the Study of Manuscript Cultures, Hamburg University:

Kumail Rajani (Exeter): Collection to Codification: Qāḍī Nuʿmān’s (d. 363/974) Encounter with Ḥadith

Robert Gleave (Exeter): The Formation of the Shīʿī Ḥadīth Canon: Manuscript Commentaries on the Four Books in Safavid and Qajar Iran.

24th – 25th January 2019: Acts of Protection in the early Islamic Empire

Rob Gleave presented a paper titled “Protection and Immunity in the exchanges of the Shi‘ite Imams” at the workshop “Acts of Protection in the early Islamic Empire, held at the University of Leiden.

3rd – 4th December 2018 The Ḥanafī School: History, Transformations and Future

Rob Gleave presented a paper titled “Abū Hanīfa, Jaʿfar al-Ṣādiq and the beginnings of Islamic Legal Theory” at The Ḥanafī School: History, Transformations and future, 3-4 December 2018, convened by Professor Samy Ayoub during his tenure as visiting fellow at the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study.

14th – 15th November 2018: Approaching Shii Islam in the Academy 

Rob Gleave gave the keynote lecture at the conference “Approaching Shii Islam in the Academy” held at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands, convened by the Leiden University Shi’i Studies Initiative (LUSSI).  His lecture examined Shii contribution to the early developement of Islamic legal thought and was titled, “Normalising the Study of Shiʿism: Shiʿi Contributions to the Formation of Islamic Law“.

3rd – 5th October 2018: The Renaissance of Shiʿi Islam in the 15th–17th Centuries: Facets of Thought and Practice”

Rob Gleave participated in the conference The Renaissance of Shiʿi Islam in the 15th–17th Centuries: Facets of Thought and Practice” at the Institute of Ismaili Studies.  He spoke on how the popular work of Shīʿī legal theory (uṣūl al-fiqh), the Maʿālim al-Dīn of Ḥasan b. al-Shahīd al-Thānī (d.1602-3) established itself as the principal work of legal theory in scholarly circles in the Safavid period.

5th – 6th July 2018: Past, Present and Future of Shi’i Ijtihad

Rob Gleave participated in the “Past, Present and Future of Shi’i Ijtihad” at the Al-Mahdi Institute in Selly Oak, Birmingham. More details on the workshop can be found here. His paper was titled ” The controversy around ijtihad in matters of belief”.

11th June 2018: Iranian World from the Sassanians to Islam
Rob Gleave delivered the lecture, “”Rule over them as you do the People of the Book””: Zoroastrians and Zoroastrian customs in early Islamic legal sources” as part of the Iranian World from the Sassanians to Islam at the University of Oxford.
9-11th April 2018: LAWALISI Panel – British Association for Islamic Studies (BRAIS) Conference

The LAWALISI project team gathered at the 2018 BRAIS conference to present their research in a specially convened panel.  The team of Rob Gleave, Wissam Halawi and Paul Gledhill were joined by Kumail Rajani, a regular participant in project events and a PhD student at the University of Exeter.  Here is the programme extract:

Law, Authority and Learning in Early Shī’ī Law

Chair: Rob Gleave (University of Exeter)

Rob Gleave (University of Exeter) Early Shī`ī Law in Wider Perspective

Paul Gledhill (University of Exeter) Some legal opinions attributed to early Shīʿī authorities in the Ishrāf ʿalá madhāhib al-ʿulamāʾ of Ibn al-Mundhir (d. 318/930)

Wissam Halawi (University of Exeter) Khums in Early Shīʿī Jurisprudence

Kumail Rajani (University of Exeter) Shi`ite Schools of Law in Comparative Perspective: Zaydi, Isma`ili and Imami Legal Doctrine

The panel was very well-attended and the project team welcomed a further opportunity to explore their research with researchers in the field.

28th March 2018: Lecture on “The rejection of Qiyās in Shīʿī law”
Rob Gleave gave a lecture titled “The rejection of Qiyās in Shīʿī law” as part of the Seminar La logique aristotélicienne et usul al fiqh: Le cas de qiyas at the
Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, Université de Strasbourg. The seminar is organised by Dr Moussa Abou Ramadan, Professor of Muslim Law and Islamology at Strasbourg. The paper covered both the early polemic against qiyās in Shīʿī sources, and the rejection of qiyās in late classical Shīʿī jurisprudence.
28th March 2018: Centre for the Study of Islam, University of Exeter

Dr Wissam Halawi led a Centre for the Study of Islam Arabic texts session at the University of Exeter, with the title “Shaykh al-Mufîd (d. 413/1022) on the doctrine of Khums“.  Dr Halawi discussed a series of passages on khums in the writings of Shaykh al-Mufīd in the context of the development of Shīʿī law.

13th March 2018: Lecture “Shi’ite Law: Early Development and Later Elaboration”

Rob Gleave gave a lecture in the Seminar “Droit musulman et sociétés islamiques prémodernes (VIIIe–XIXe siècles)” organised by Professor Christian Müller and Dr Ismail Warscheid.  In the lecture, held at the Institut d’études de l’Islam et des sociétés du monde musulman.  He discussed the aims and objectives of the LAWALISI project and the state of the discipline, with a focus on how Shīʿī law can be understood within a broader Islamic legal context.

8th March 2018: Early Shīʿī Law in Context Workshop, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton

2nd March 2018: Craft of Teaching Seminar
Rob Gleave gave a talk titled “Studying Uncertainty: contemporary Shi’i jurisprudence and the teaching of Shi’ism in the Western Academy” at the Craft of Teaching seminar, sponsored by the University of Chicago Divinity School, and hosted by the department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilisations. His talk covered the challenges of integrating Shi’ism into Islamic Studies curricula, the distinctive nature of Shi’i jurisprudence and the role of uncertainty in contemporary Shi’i uṣūl al-fiqh.
28th October – 1st November 2017: Text Based Seminar on Late Classical Islamic Legal Theories (UC Berkeley)
Exeter’s LAWALISI project and UC Berkeley’s Graeco-Arabic Rationalism in Islamic Transmitted Sciences: The Post-Classical Period seminar series (hosted by Professor Asad Q. Ahmed) joined forces for a joint seminar on Usul al-fiqh in Post-Classical Islam.  The seminar participants included: Asad Q Ahmed, Rob Gleave, Tayyeb Mimouni, Kumail Rajani, Hassan Rezakhany, Ali Mian, Kevin Reinhart, Ulrich Rudolph, Amin Ehteshami and Kathryn Wyse.  The participants read late classical legal theory texts together, sharing the insights of their research. 
7th – 9th December 2017 Shīʿī Studies: The State of the Art conference, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton
The LAWALISI project team attended the above conference, along with many of the major contributors to the study of Shiism.  Rob Gleave, Project Director,  gave a paper at the conference (“Early Shīʿī law: Limitations and Possibilities of Current Scholarship”).  The conference covered various strands and traditions within Shi’ism and stretched across numerous disciplines, from theology and law to sociology and art history.